Discover documentation, software, training materials and other resources available to help you implement trust and identity for your organisation.

Policy Development Kit

In collaboration with the national research infrastructure community we have been developing a shared understanding of policies required for trusted access to infrastructure. These policies and documents outline the operational measures required by an infrastructure to properly provide services and cover security measures, user management and data protection. Find out more about the Policy Working Group and the adaption of EU policies for the Australian context.

Software Toolkit

Discover an introductory suite of software to enhance your organisation’s trust and identity capability.


Explore this glossary which outlines the common terms and language used to describe the policies, technologies and elements of trust and identity for national research infrastructures.

Documentation, training materials and videos

Explore a useful collection of documentation, training materials and videos to assist with the implementation of trust and identity for your organisation.

AAF technical tutorials

If you need any assistance implementing trust technologies within your organisation, visit our tutorial hub for easy step-by-step guides.