How we work

As an NCRIS enabled Trust and Identity capability, we are partnering with national research infrastructure, to develop a globally aligned Trust and Identity Framework. It will deliver a system-wide approach to identity and access management.

A system-wide approach to identity and access management will improve connectivity across the research infrastructure ecosystem. Researchers will be able to login once, have their identity verified and seamlessly access resources across organisational boundaries to collaborate.

Current state

Future state

The pathfinder

Working with national research infrastructures through Accelerators and Incubators, we are building trust and identity across the national research ecosystem.


During the Accelerator phase which is now complete, a team of our identity specialists that understand the Australian research landscape, worked with national research infrastructures to identify and develop:

Cyber security for trust and identity
Skills, expertise and collateral
Reusable tools, modules and software
Access and authentication software


We are now in the Incubator phase, and are working with our partners to pilot trust and identity solutions to:

Enhance cyber security
Increase connectivity across NRI
Improve access to sensitive data
Accelerate research translation