Increasing collaboration across research themes

A Trust and Identity capability for national research infrastructure will enable thematic transformation across:


Trust and identity (T&I) will enable system-wide access to national imaging infrastructure such as Microscopy Australia and the National Imaging Facility (NIF).

Resources and minerals processing

T&I will facilitate collaboration between researchers and mining companies through the secure transfer of data and resources.


Protecting Australia’s environment, food security and agriculture industry is vital to our national security. T&I will enable more partnerships between research and industry.

Medical products

In the field of life sciences, cyber security is essential for patient confidentiality. T&I will provide secure access to sensitive patient data, clinical trial data, and genomic data.

Recycling and clean energy

T&I will support innovative practices and processes for commercial production, that will reduce environmental impacts and improve operations in renewables and manufacturing.

Social sciences

Standardised data management will allow for government administrative data in the areas of transport and urban planning, to be shared and reused across research domains and industry.


Through an internationally interoperable framework, T&I can enable trusted and secure access to defence assets and datasets and support industry partnerships.


T&I infrastructure can be used to control access to data from scientific instruments, such as telescope, particle accelerators and electron microscopes.

Environment and climate

T&I infrastructure can provide controlled access to data from remote sensing instruments, satellites and airborne sensors creating efficiencies for researchers.

Frontier technologies and modern maufacturing

T&I will facilitate collaboration and research translation between researchers and industry, by enabling them to share data and resources securely.


AAF has been working with NRI partners on specific projects to address the gap in trust and identity.

Australian BioCommons

The Australian BioCommons entered a partnership with AAF to pilot federated identity and access management in 2019. The two organisations have worked together on several projects to address policy and technology solutions to simplify access for life science researchers.

Throughout 2022 we focused on connecting the BioPlatforms Australia Data Portal and Galaxy Australia to an identity management platform. This platform allows research communities to manage access rights for their members. The Threatened Species Initiative (TSI) is the first pilot group, however, we expect more communities to be connected over time. This pilot will act as a model with reusable tools, policy, and services for other research communities.

Language Data Commons of Australia (LDaCA)

The LDaCA project’s purpose is to share significant language data collections using appropriate authorisation from dataset custodians. AAF has leveraged experience from other projects to implement policy and tools to manage access to a wide range of language datasets. The AAF’s role included interviewing stakeholders to understand and document dataset access rules, and deliver infrastructure to streamline and support the implementation of these rules.