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If you would like to collaborate with us on the implementation of trust and identity for national research infrastructure, there are a variety of ways, and we look forward to speaking with you.

Become an Incubator

If you are a national research infrastructure and would like to partner with us as an incubator, contact us today.

Technology Working Group

Ensuring that researchers can easily collaborate across national research organisations, facilities and services is a challenge. To address this issue, the AAF is coordinating a technology working group, with the objective of identifying technology used by research collaborations, to ensure interoperability now and into the future. 

We invite the community to participate and play a pivotal role in shaping an effective and enduring national framework for the Australian eResearch ecosystem. 

Policy Working Group

In collaboration with the national research infrastructure community we have been developing a shared understanding of policies required for trusted access to infrastructure. These policies and documents outline the operational measures required by an infrastructure to properly provide services and cover security measures, user management and data protection.

Find out more about the Policy Working Group and the adaption of EU policies for the Australian context.

How we can help you

We are partnering with national research infrastructures to enable access by researchers, industry and government

National research infrastructure

AAF is partnering with national research infrastructure to develop a system-wide approach to access.

The AAF currently enables access to a variety of national research infrastructure including AURIN, APPF and CSIRO.

We are currently partnering with the wider national research infrastructure community, to explore the application of a standard set of technology and policies, to enable system-wide access to services, data and compute. Our current incubator partners include the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, National Imaging Facility, ACCESS-NRI and Microscopy Australia.

If you would like to discuss trusted access for your research infrastructure contact us, and one of our project managers will be in contact.

Higher education

Do you have a national research infrastructure hosted within your university?

Many national research infrastructure are distributed throughout Australia’s universities, and we can work with your IT team and them, to enable access to those services and facilities.

We are currently exploring this complex arrangement with our incubator partners the National Imaging Facility, which has distributed imaging technology locate across multiple universities and locations.


AAF are exploring with the national research infrastructure community, how we can enable access to the valuable services, technologies, data and computational power.


A consistent and easy way in which to access research infrastructure will enable collaboration between industry and researchers, supporting research development and commercialisation.