What is Rapid IdP?

Rapid Identity Provider (Rapid IdP) is the AAF's hosted cloud solution, providing a fast and easy way to connect to the AAF. Rapid IdP suits organisations of all sizes and connects your users to national and international services. We take care of hosting, set up, security patching, feature updates and management of your organisation’s connection to hundreds of education and research services.

How does it work?

We deploy and manage the infrastructure needed to connect your organisation to services in the federation on your behalf. The solution takes advantage of cloud services to deliver a secure, resilient and highly available service.  If you already run identity provider software, we’ll do most of the work (with some assistance from your team) to migrate your existing configuration to the Rapid IdP platform.

Learn more about Rapid IdP’s technical information in the FAQS.

Who is it for?

Rapid IdP has several configuration options to suits different organisations. We have solutions for

  • small organisations with limited IT infrastructure
  • medium sized organisations with existing authentication services
  • larger organisations already using authentication services such as Azure AD and Okta. 

We work with you to find the solution that’s best for your organisation

Benefits of Rapid IdP

Federated identity management is a complex, niche field. Rapid IdP lets your team spend less time on maintaining infrastructure so they can focus on critical business priorities.  

  • Patched by federated identity management experts
  • Secure, hardened configuration
  • Regular penetration testing
  • Engineered for high availability
  • Reduce your infrastructure and supports cloud-first strategies
  • Set up, maintenance and support done for you
  • Connect users to international services
  • Fast deployment