Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS)

Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS) is a tool for managing access rights to resources, such as research datasets.

Applicants can use their federated user IDs to log in to REMS, fill in the data access application and agree to the dataset’s terms of use. The REMS system then circulates the application to the resource owner or designated representative for approval. REMS also produces the necessary reports on the applications and the granted data access rights.

  • Authorisation
  • Workflow management
Support and Licensing
Interoperability / Integrations
  • CILogon
  • REMS is an extension for CKAN. Enables use of REMS access rights management with CKAN datasets.
  • The REMS plugin currently depends on the Kata extension.
Use Cases
  • Sensitive data sharing
  • A dynamic way to handle applications and manage access rights
  • Configurable approval process flow
  • An audit trail of all committed actions and enhanced reporting tools to improve application traceability
  • Customisable application process
  • Automation: Some functions, such as approving and rejecting applications, can be automated to reduce unnecessary workload.
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