COmanage tools help streamline and manage the digital lifecycle and identity data management for the collaboration environment. They are a flexible component of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform architecture that can be used to support identity lifecycle needs.

  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Attribute management
  • Group membership
Support and Licensing
  • Open-source (Apache2)
  • COmanage was designed around virtual organisation requirements, with enrolment and hierarchical/delegated administration capabilities to support typical VO models.
Interoperability / Integrations
  • COmanage is based on the CakePHP framework, and runs via a web server, typically Apache.
  • An RDBMS is required, typically PostgreSQL or MySQL.
  • COmanage itself is standard agnostic.
  • A typical deployment involves a SAML federation, however, this is not a requirement and other authentication protocols can be leveraged as well or instead.
  • LDAP is supported for provisioning.
Use Cases