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CILogon provides an integrated open-source identity and access management platform for research collaborations, combining federated identity management with collaborative organisation management.

Federated identity management enables researchers to use their home organisation identities to access research applications, rather than requiring a separate username and password.

Collaborative organisation management enables research projects to define user groups for authorisation to collaboration platforms (e.g., wikis, mailing lists, and domain applications).

CILogon implements the AARC Blueprint Architecture and the REFEDS Assurance Framework.

  • Authentication
  • Attribute aggregation
  • Account linking
  • Protocol translation
Support and Licensing

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your organisation implement CILogon. CILogon subscription agreements are managed by the University of Illinois. CILogon subscribers receive contracted support for CILogon services under a detailed service level agreement.

  • API connections for identity information (e.g. ORCID)
  • Identity provider connections (e.g. AAF, eduGAIN, Google, Microsoft, Github etc.)
Use Cases
  • AAF supported collaborative research environments such as the Australian BioCommons Threatened Species Initiative.
  • CILogon implements the AARC Blueprint Architecture and the REFEDS Assurance Framework.
  • Federated X.509 certification authority for secure access to cyber infrastructure – http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/cpe.3265
  • Connect application(s) to the federation using OpenID Connect, JWTs, SAML, and/or LDAP.
  • Manage identity attributes, groups, policies, and workflows for collaborative research environments.

Demonstration videos

CILogon Demonstrations

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